My Lucky Month with Minute Burger

The last night of February ought to be different, even though looking for something to eat after a tired working day is not that usual for a girl like me. I was thinking hard of what to eat because earlier today I was craving so much for fried chicken (haven't eaten since I-don't-exactly-know-because-it-was-so-long-ago) but later that night I told myself that I'd prefer eating a burger instead. But it was too conventional to just choose between the usual burger offerings of two very popular fastfood joints in Manila (clue: one has a mascot, the other, a clown) so maybe I need to explore more. It was a last minute decision when bf called me up and said "Why don't we try eating at Minute Burger since it'll be on our way home?"

Both of us never tried eating at Minute Burger, so we thought it was a great idea. What is it that makes Minute Burger a bad food joint anyway? Sure. They may be located on the streets. The stalls are small, their chairs may not be as comfortable, and you may have a standard for clean for which you might even say they aren't. But if you think that Minute Burger is "just some place trying to sell burgers", well think again.

I always try to get into the heart of every food that I eat, and as much as I perceive Minute Burger to not be at par with the other kinds of burgers that I have had before, in reality, this is actually one of the food items that we Filipinos have been enjoying for a very long time now. Imagine, Minute Burger started selling their products in 1982! That's almost 30 years in the business, and they remain true and humble despite its strong roots. Minute Burger is a simple and humble Filipino style fastfood baby!

Then again, me and bf always love tweaking in some changes to the food that we eat depending on our needs, and in our case, we looked on the latest burgers that Minute Burger currently offers. They have this Buy 1 Take 1 on Black Pepper Burger for a whopping P49.00, and Buy 1 Take 1 Bacon Cheese Burger for P55.00. Unfortunately, the Bacon Cheese Burger is what I supposedly would order but is not available, since the cook said that it's always sold out.

Since me and bf liked eating food our own way, well, we kindly asked the all-around cook and attendant at Minute Burger a few requests. She thought we were asking for more than usual that it might hurt their inventory so she politely declined us at first. But when we explained it to her, she smiled to us and without hesitation started to make our requests. Because for me, one is allowed to make feasible requests whether you got yourself into a five-star restaurant up to an average food joint. We are all customers, and minus the abusive behavior, it doesn't hurt to ask at times.

So what did we ask? Well, bf ordered a Buy 1 Take 1 Double Chicken Time with extra cheese meal, and I ordered a Big Time Buy 1 Take 1 Black pepper Burger. But we were both trying to avoid carbs that night which was why we opted to have everything in one bun only. So that makes the burger + condiments of the Take 1 burger to be placed on the Buy 1 burger. Get it? Oh well, just look at the pictures.

So both our burgers were freshly cooked and were neatly placed inside this take-out box....

....wait for it...boom! is my Black Pepper Burger, smothered with caramelized onions, mushrooms and their signature black pepper sauce...

...and bf's Double Chicken Time which I named Quadruple Chicken Time....

In terms of taste, I didn't try Minute Burger's Double Chicken Time because of my usual allergies that I get when I eat chicken. But the Black Pepper Burger wasn't a disappointment at all. Sweet, almost like a peppery teriyaki/barbecue sauce, oozing between the juicy beef patty mixed with different spices, caramelized onions and mushrooms all inside their signature bun with oatmeal bits on top! That's quite a healthy bun if I may just say. Although, please don't expect a lot with the beef patty at Minute Burger if you're looking for 100% pure beef, but this burger surely filled me up last night. Oh yes, and it's only P49.00!

I took a picture of the burger with some flash for better appreciation...

...and asked my bf kindly to take a picture of me while eating it. Too legit to quit while finishing this huge burger!

So I ended the month of February with flying colors. And to explain it in detail, I got my job back on track, my first contest on this blog already had a winner, I get to chat and bonded with my best guy last night, and we only spent P99.00 for a quick stop at Minute Burger. Overall? A lucky month indeed! Thank God for all these blessings and hello March! :))

Wanted to know more about Minute Burger? Well, I'm happy to say that they sure have been keeping up with the times. Check out these online resources below:

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