14 Cheap Thrills / Ideas for V-day

Ah, Valentines Day. We all know the drill. A lot of girls expecting to be devoured with gifts on this day. Restaurants and cinemas being flocked by existing and soon-to-be couples.  Flowers and hearts everywhere, and single people gathering together to celebrate SAD --- or simply, Single Awareness Day. And breakfast, lunch, and dinner for two. Snacks for two. Everything basically comes in pairs!

These are all the things that I see on a day like V-Day. Although I myself have my significant other to celebrate it with, the occasion is totally out of my norm. I guess there are a few of us who doesn't like to crowd up to places and go with the hype. In fact, I'd rather go for cheap thrills most of the time. And the best way to do it? Cooking together, and going somewhere both of you have never eaten before. It's fun to cook, and we don't really have to go through cooking school to show it off to our loved ones. Or if you're not in the mood to be slavering in the kitchen, let the people in your new restaurant finds do the cooking for you. Here is my countdown of places, things and ideas that I'm sharing with everyone who wanted to get out of the Valentines zone but still have fun with your better half.

1. Make your own Chocolate Souffle / Lava Cake  
- want to make it yourself but not really into making it from scratch? Chek out this Instant Chocolate Lava Cake Mix from Carte D'or which I think is available in SM Hypermarket Branches.

2. Head to Cubao X 
-  Bellini's to eat some authentic Italian meals, cookies and milk in Sweet Ecstasy, Filipino dishes in Alan's Grill, or just bottle it up with a few beers and chow at Fred's and Escobar.

3. Go ahead, go for take outs!
- Ilocos Empanada, Shawarma, Burritos, and Milk Tea at Kalayaan and Maginhawa Streets, respectively.

4. Ever tried Gayuma ni Maria?
- As for me, I haven't. But I went to the place at one time and one can enjoy looking through their crazy love-laden menu, or simply check out some love thingies displayed on their walls.

5. Speaking of Love Thingies! 
- There's this place in Metrowalk, uhm, never mind :)

6. Still in Metrowalk!
- Kitkats. In all kind of flavors. I love Kitkat! It's located on the second floor so go check it out sometime (you may search it through some blogs)

7. Toblerone's special Valentine packs.
- Roses are recently printed out in their signature pyramid shaped boxes. Thanks to Toblerone, guys won't have to buy both flowers and chocolates.

8. Ferrero Rocher Bouquets
- I saw a lot of these in coupon sites lately, but would you like to try making one yourself? I think all you need are some materials from your local bookstore, some covered wires and the chocolates. The greater the effort, the better the chances of....you heard me right, being appreciated more :)

- National Bookstore has these cards. Some with music, some hilariously made, and some huge ones to shock your loved one. Go ahead! Check them out today.

10. Cupcakes!
- Nothing beats giving a cake, than giving a cupcake :) It's smaller, so it's up to you and how many cupcakes your budget might take you. Plus, these are a hit with the girls, so try giving them three cupcakes.....and wait for their faces to swoon over you.

11. A Homemade Video
- of pictures that is. Collect all your memorable moments, make an AVP, and send it out to your loved one (or better yet, send it online!) Just make sure there are no censored images or some of that sort. You wouldn't want to be charged with Cybercrime Law anytime soon.

12. Independent Films in UP or Malls
- Check out some indie films with free screenings in UP Diliman. Or maybe there's an ongoing film festival in malls like Robinsons Galleria or Shangri-la Mall. Or pay for a minimum price but at least what you watch is fairly different from the ones at the current box office.

13. Still in UP? Go for their isaw.
- For those who might not know what isaw is, it's basically chicken intestines cooked in a grill. The best is in UP Diliman, so grab a bite and go for the extremes!

14. Mang Jimmy's / Dannylicious / Buffets
- the ultimate eat-out cheap thrill is to have your date in reputable carinderia like estbalishments, with a lot of food and a lot of rice! Well, at least for me, it is. If you don't want to, then check out Buffet 101 at Robinsons Magnolia, Sambokojin Edsa and Kamayan West. Ave, and pig-out!

Hope my article helps. Now, maybe we should cram up a little bit for tomorrow I guess :)

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