Octoboy Japanese Pizza Night!

Okonomiyaki is a japanese pizza-like delicacy that I just love to eat. With all its layers of healthy, sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy hot goodness, no wonder okonomiyaki is considered to be one of my newer preferences when it comes to Japanese food.

I wanted to learn how to make this but I feel that I have to look for a lot of special ingredients. Most of all, I think it requires special and tools and techniques to making this. But in the meantime, I can just go to some place where they serve authentic okonomiyaki...like Octoboy Food Express.

The first time I have ever tried okonomiyaki was a few years back at Octoboy Food Express in Timog. It was just this new restaurant back then and I was not really that aware of what it is. But, by that time I have already enjoyed eating takoyaki (it has the same recipe as basic okonomiyaki only they're shaped in balls) so I figured that there would not be as much difference in taste and texture.

piping hot as seen with the help of the flash
So it was just about a week ago when I craved for it, and me and my trusty eating buddy bf headed to Octoboy Food Express to order one of their their cheaper but bestseller Okonomiyaki varieties, made with mozarella, octopus, japanese mayo, bonito flakes and dried seaweed. What's also great about Octoboy Food Express is that they serves the most authentic sizzling japaneze pizzas and takoyakis from osaka, which are far more different than the takoyaki stalls in malls and wherever.

no flash this time!

Oh my did I miss eating this. It was stringy cheesy, and I loved it more when I put in some chili sesame oil and dried ground chili with black and white sesame seeds condiments. The octopus at Octoboy Food Express was chewy in its bite size forms. The cabbage was crunchy and sweet, and the pancake base was not cakey at all, but light on the mouth. It was all blended into a blanket of bonito flakes, japanese mayo and some sort of like a sweet tonkatsu sauce and topped with dried seaweed.

watching how to make okonomiyaki in their open kitchen
acoustic band seen outside from our table

No wonder, while eating okonomiyaki there I almost felt like we headed out straight to Japan that night. With cozy Japanese interiors, and while listening to their in-house band with the vocalist looking like a japanese native, it was an experience that one must try at Octoboy Food Express.

I would love to stay longer at Octoboy Food Express and order some salmon sashimi and katsudon, but with a huge sizzling plate of okonomiyaki in its full glory, we're sold. The only downside that I encountered was having to get a bit irritated by too-loud customers who are on the other table drinking their way to wasted heaven. I just hope that when I come back here I won't see them again hahaha (because I think they're regular customers).

In terms of price, I think that everything on Octoboy Food Express' menu is just priced right, since you already have that assurance that they make authentic dishes. Although some may be pricey, I'm sure the items on their menu are worth spending on.

Aside from being a restaurant, at night Octoboy Food Express turns into this acoustic playing bar (though I'm not sure if it's every night or selected nights per week only), so it's good that they close very late. Considering my late shift at work, at least from now on I already have a place for those late-night Japanese cravings. Sweeeet!

Octoboy Food Express is located at Tomas Morato at the corner near Kopi Roti. It's located on the second floor and is clearly seen from afar because of their attractive red light district-like lights just outside their store.

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