My Food Fashion / Holiday Gift Dilemna

So I just thought, whenever I eat at asian buffets, I would mostly look into three distinct factors: freshness, taste and price. Presentation, on the other hand, is just a plus for me. But as I come to think of it, I never really get to enjoy food if they are not placed in very interesting dishes and containers.

This is what I thought of while deciding on what to buy for my friends this Christmas. So I checked on everybody's online best friend Google and looked for something to give that they can use in the kitchen, especially for asian dishes.

What to give, what to give. Ah, how about some imported tableware? Something special perhaps. Restaurant worthy if possible. I really don't want to give out anything that's available everywhere, so I'm heading for some online shopping instead (it further saved me from lining up at the mall as well) and found some good imported tableware finds at

How about an amuse bouche shell disposable plate? Something new to use as appetizer plates for sushi perhaps?

A large pinewood boat? Great for Tempura and Katsu dishes!

Wow! Silver plastic spoons for tuna tartare or dessert? This is nice!

This site really is interesting, and what's great about them is that they have sustainable tableware. A nice gesture that we can consider as a gift for our environment as well, don't you think?

Oh well, I'm gonna continue shopping now. I'm even planning to buy myself some as well. Wishing everyone a happy holidays from Nines vs. Food!

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