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An Open Letter To My Readers on Nines vs. Food

As the year closes in five more days, another year comes and we hope that there's going to be a lot more in store for us. More resto food finds, homecooked meals and food adventures on the road guys!
But before I actually cry my heart out, I just want to thank all my readers for constantly coming back to my blog to know anything about a certain restaurant that I have been to, or simply to watch out for any dishes that I have made myself. Once, before I started Nines vs. Food, I dreamt that my online popularity may spruce up just like the reputations of other local food blogs such as Market Manila, Our Awesome Planet, and The Pickiest Eater. Other than that, maybe I may have to focus on improvements instead of dreaming. Let me share with you my plan for 2013.

*Getting my own domain: YES! Finally I'm trying to get my site into making it instead of being a sub-domain from blogger. But I'm still thinking whether to use Wordpress or Blogger still. What do you think, which is better? Until then, this is going to take some more weeks or months, but will definitely be finished within next year.

*Local and International Food Finds: I got my new passport and I'm starting to save up for travelling soon. But fret not, because my vibes are not gonna change when it comes to my love for food i.e. not because the place looks good, doesn't mean the food is good too. This is a bigger, better, wider opportunity for me to explore known and even indigenous food that I might have tried before, tried for the first time or whatever. Like crickets, perhaps :)

And last but not the least: it's still a secret, because others might try to copy it. Remember, don't own what is not yours! The least I want to demand a lawsuit for plagiarizing even my ideas.

Either way, thank you again for all the support! I really appreciate each and everyone who greeted me congratulations with having this blog, and I cannot thank you enough for coming back from time to time just to check out my new posts and recommendations. I want to give thanks to those whom I haven't met yet but have been following me about once or twice through my journey this year. For those who stayed, then good for you! Just hit me up with your messages through e-mail and I will surely be chatting up with you to get to know you guys better. Also please don't forget to like my Facebook pages too hehehe.

I want to give thanks to all the yummy food establishments that I have been to and its respective owners and representatives who have been very open to my takes on what is good and what is not. To my family, for continuing to inspire me to appreciate food the best way I can. To God, because with you everything is possible. Please don't stop watching over us. 

And to myself, please stop making your readers feel like you won a best actress award or something.

Still, I'm not gonna stop writing because I still have two posts to make to wrap up the year, so please do watch out for it! For your comments and suggestions, please don't hesitate to do so by commenting below or sending it through e-mail.



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