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A Post Christmas Dinner at UNO Seafood Wharf Palace

UNO Seafood Wharf Palace, located in the then shopping district of Escolta in Manila, is an authentic Chinese restaurant which boasts of it's great food, fast and friendly service and price. It was a great experience to have eaten here, thanks to my father, which called himself "the chinese foodie" in our family. I wasn't really sure as to where we were heading to at first, but he already told me earlier that day that we will be eating at UNO.

UNO? I asked myself, isn't it an italian restaurant? In Escolta? No way! Well, obviously I was wrong. UNO Seafood Wharf Palace may seem to be pricey at first, but for a family of five plus one kid, having to be coming from cubao to Escolta is worth the trip if you'd asked me.

UNO Seafood Wharf Palace has all the looks of how an authentic Chinese restaurant is for me. Different kinds of fresh seafood swimming in tanks, cold cuts and peking ducks hanging from their open kitchen, red and yellow colors all over the place for good luck, lazy susans, and freshly brewed tea before eating.

We appreciated the complimentary peanuts as soon as we started ordering some food.

Just to give you a background, what we ordered at UNO Seafood Wharf Palace is our standard set of dishes whenever we eat at Chinese restaurants. So let's get it on guys!

This lumpiang shanghai from UNO Seafood Wharf Palace is filled with a mixture of ground pork, shrimp and other chinese spices, rolled tightly into spring roll wrappers, and fried to perfection! Served with a bowl of basic yet yummy sweet and sour sauce, this lumpiang shanghai is extraordinary because of the tightly packed filling inside which resembles the texture of a pork dumpling. Yuhh-meeh!

Patatim is a staple in our Chinese dinners, and this one particularly is served with cuapao rolls filled with inconsistent layers of sweet corn. Plated neatly on a very large dish with Chinese bokchoy, the sauce of patatin from UNO Seafood Wharf Palace is more subtle in terms of the usual dominant aroma and flavor of star anise. It's not salty at all, but again, the sauce covers up the whole leg of pork with a velvety smooth finish. The meat itself is very succulent, and you may want to control yourself with getting the skin though. Its fatty but almost soft and sticky after taste from the flavorful skin of the pork is quite an indulging moment for me.

UNO Seafood Wharf Palace's Yang Show Fried Rice is a great accompaniment to all the viands that we ordered. Fluffy rice mixed with a mixture of cured meat, shrimps, green onions, egg and spices is love!  One can eat this all by itself if they prefer to.

Stuffed Beancurd. A plate full of goodness! I specifically like eating beancurd because of it's health benefits, but stuff it with ground pork and shrimp, then stir fry it on a bed of tausi and soy sauce mixture and you are in for a treat! It's like I'm having a yoga class and party at the same time while eating it! This is my favorite dish during that time and I would love to go back to UNO Seafood Wharf Palace just to have this.

Pansit. My mother's favorite! At UNO Seafood Wharf Palace, you can fairly suggest if you want to use either bihon (thin glass rice noodles) or canton (a thicker noodle with a more of a yellowish color because the dough is mixed with eggs). Nevertheless, you can always be sure that their pansit is not dry at all. And for a small order, we did not even finish eating this because it's a lot and obviously we couldn't fit it anymore on our stomachs! Cooked with veggies, squid, and fish balls, this is a real treat, especially for our kid in the family/my sister's son, who seem to really like this dish.

By the time all the orders arrived on our table, it took quite while for me to think on which to eat first.
And by the time I finished thinking about it, everything was already on my plate! Hahaha! I wouldn't miss this :)

Baby talk mode on: tummy happy!
But wait, UNO Seafood Wharf Palace is very generous to even give us some dessert of various fruits, without any charge! It all completes to a happy post christmas indeed!

For everything, we paid for 1,500++. Affordable? Yes!

I am looking forward to coming back here, maybe I should try their shrimps and crab dishes next time. And if you are in for a Nines vs. Food like treat, you can also come to UNO Seafood Wharf Palace to try their 9:00pm promo everyday, where they serve all their dimsum at lower prices until supplies for the day last. This, my friends, it yet another reason to come back at UNO Seafood Wharf Palace.

Check out this featured restaurant on the contact details as pictured above. They also serve for large functions like parties and meetings, so be sure to consider UNO Seafood Wharf Palace when in need of the tastiest, authentic Chinese dishes in this side of Binondo, Manila.


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