Make Your Best Burger Creations only at BRGR: The Burger Project

Wouldn't it be nice if you can just sit down and enjoy a freshly made, homemade burger that you have made out of your own creativity? One that you would devour because it's exactly how you would like it to be? These I think are what the owners of BRGR: The Burger Project have taken in mind as they offer this to burger lovers out there. I'm fairly familiar to this burger joint since they first opened at Maginhawa St. in Quezon City, and just after a few years I'm happy that they now have other branches in Taft,Manila and Jupiter,Makati.

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I wasn't a full-pledged blogger yet when I first ate at BRGR: The Burger Project (at their Maginhawa branch) and it was just last Sunday that I got to visit their newest store in Jupiter St., Makati. The location is very nice and visible to those coming in from Edsa; wherein they got a perfect spot where the burger joint was able to snug perfectly alongside it's sister restaurants, the famous Pino Resto Bar and the vegan friendly Pipino Vegetarian Restaurant.

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Cool ceiling and menu art
You can definitely feel the creative and artsy vibe from the interiors, to the chairs, to the chalkboard menu, to the colorful medley of ingredients greeting you on their counter. The multi-colored menu and doodle that was displayed was so cool I found out that the artist who did it actually did it while hanging himself behind the ceiling. A great conversation piece if you'd ask me, it's a playful reflection of the what the burger joint is all about as depicted by PJ Lanot, one of the owners of BRGR: The Burger Project and one of my many kuyas on my father's side of the family.

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As we entered, one of the servers gleefully greeted us with a form that you can use to check on what you want to put inside your burger. With over 50,000 burger creations, the possibilities are wide and all that's left to use is your creative imagination! But if in any case you are too tired to think of what to put in, you can always check out their Designer Brgrs for your instant gratification, by offering some special takes on different cuisines, such as Japanese, Italian, Western, French and traditional American style burgers.

Location and parking, check. Store design, check. Next up, food: you choose what you eat here, so I don't see anything wrong with the flavor profile of BRGR: The Burger Project. But the important thing is that all their ingredients are served fresh everyday. And since I was about to watch The Godfather Legacy later that night, I decided to come up with a Godfather inspired pesto mozarella burger, tweaked with a fried egg and some bacon. I'm not sure with the others, but for me, nothing beats up a sandwich when you add a fried egg in it, especially since I am not a fan of mayo. I consider the oozing yolk as the "sauce" on my burger. Anyway, mine's like a pizza breakfast burger, while Bf got a "spicy remix" burger, that I wasn't able to track on what else he included in it. Then again, I thought his burger looked better than mine. Pfft.

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 "The Godfather" Burger

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"Spicy Remix" Burger

SO..on to the burgers....
The burgers were HUGE! Definitely worth the price you paid for. The beef were cooked to perfection without the grease. The toppings are freshly prepared, and I love the Brioche bread. Unlike other burger buns that tend to dry out after a few hours, BRGR: The Burger Project's breads are made with extra TLC, wherein they withstand the heaviness of the burger and toppings but they stay soft and buttery to the bite.

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Onion Rings
Nines vs. Food - BRGR: The Burger Project-7.jpg
Buffalo Wings
..and the sides...

We got Onion Rings and Buffalo Wings. The Onion Rings were definitely made from scratch, and was filling and yummy! It comes with a small container of garlic sauce but you can always ask for extra if it runs out. It's thicker than most onion rings I've ordered before in other restaurants.

The Buffalo Wings were sweet with a hint of spiciness that lingers after eating it, but the heat is not challenging at all (for me), so I think it's friendly even for the kids. Good thing about BRGR: The Burger Project's buffalo wings is that their chicken pieces are bigger than most buffalo wing orders that I get from other joints. There's only one kind of buffalo wing sauce though, so don't expect too much from it unless you might want to request to make it a bit hot or mild depending on your preferred taste

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Choco Peanut Shake

..and the drink...
Thanks to Jughead and for reading too much Archie Comics back in the day, I already knew that burgers are known to be best served with a chocolate malt shake. And since bf and I wanted to go back to the beachbum vibes, we then ordered a choco peanut shake from BRGR: the Burger Project. A perfect indulgence combo of milk, chocolate ice cream and peanut butter. Ah, I felt like a kid again. Mmm, mmm, mmm!

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Hello burger!

What's also great with BRGR: The Burger Project is that they have better and healthier choices for aside from angus, beef, and chori (chorizo) burgers, like chicken and tofu burgers that the diet-conscious and the all-out vegans will surely love. As a latest addition, they are even offering these ice cream burgers made with homemade cookies smothered with their specially-made ice cream, which I thought would be a perfect meal-ender for the sweet tooth. Although I wondered if the ice cream burgers would be added permanently on the menu, but I'd definitely want to try it some time.

So there, I hope that these are good enough reasons on my BRGR: The Burger Project Experience. But on the whole, let me give you my take on why for me they stand out amidst all the other competing good, bigger and better burger joints out there.

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Excuse my craving :)
I just hope they can do away with having some promos like a man vs. food challenge which I think would be a hit. Yes, this have been done by a bunch of sandwich and burger places already, but with all the creative juices flowing from BRGR: The Burger Project peeps' minds? Who knows, maybe we might get surprised one of these days.

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Lastly, if you want to check out more pictures from my BRGR: The Burger Project food trip, you may check out the complete album on the Nines vs. Food Facebook Page.

Thanks again BRGR: the Burger Project! Happy tummy, present! I'll be back soon!

They are open until 12:00mn so you can visit them even for late night foodtrips. You can catch all the   updates of BRGR: The Burger Project on the following pages below:
BRGR: The Burger Project Facebook Page
BRGR: The Burger Project on Twitter


  1. aw nines. you made my date (haha. i was thinking of where to spend V day with my BF without that oh-ilove-you-so-much feel. LOL! so this is the place! yey!) :)

  2. Glad to be of help girl! I'm sure you guys will love it once you try their food :) Try to see if they still have their ice cream sandwich I think we paid for P120.00 though it's huge and already good enough for two. :) ♥

  3. Bolai you can create your own burger and don't forget to upload it on facebook. :D