Katsudon Lovin' at Komoro Soba

During my childhood I've heard old stories that moles or more popularly known as nunal located on your body may mean something about you. You may hear this from superstitious friends, family members, co-workers, even strangers. For example, if you have one near your lips, you are said to be talkative. If another person has one beside his/her ears, it would like mean he/she is more of an eavesdropper. If you have it on your shoulder/s, you are said to carry a lot of burden with you (pasan mo ang mundo), and if you have it on the back of your neck, you are said to attract a number of individuals from your opposite sex, or commonly, said to be habulin....ng aso... (you jokingly attract dogs instead).

Me? I have one on my left heel, and it is said that I cannot stay put at one place. To my friends, have you ever noticed this trait? Because I think it's true. I cannot stand to be at one place at a time. I love going to places. I love discovering my surroundings in my own way, at my own pace. Like going to 8 malls in a day. You name that mall, I went there.

If I was an impulsive vandal, I can probably write "Nines was here" on a few comfort room doors in the malls I've been all over the Philippines. Although travelling in different provinces was a privilege back in the days of working in an ad agency, it really satisfied my feet to take me to places that's both new, old, and worth remembering.

But there's this one resto in SM Megamall where I cannot stop myself from going back whenever I had the chance. For years SM Megamall had been making a lot of changes within their vicinity. adding newer stores, having more establishments, but there seem to be no plans of closing at Komoro Soba, a restaurant located at Megamall Building A, situated beside Mexicali and near Toy Kingdom, a place where I usually go when I was a kid, and where I couldn't stand myself to come in considering my age.

Nines vs. Food - Komoro soba-1.jpg
Excuse my poor quality pictures
Komoro Soba is a Japanese restaurant that is not your typical Tokyo-tokyo fastfood joint (although I love to eat at Tokyo-tokyo too). It's not at all that attractive, there is just one cashier, with an open kitchen (though you cannot actually see what they are doing unless you stand up there), and a few tables and chairs. It's not that inviting, I admit. Then again, as with all my other foodstops, LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING.

Nines vs. Food - Komoro soba-2.jpg
Open kitchen the side of the restaurant

Never judge a restaurant, as comparable to a girl perhaps. Not because she has a lot of make-up doesn't mean she's automatically all pretty appealing. Try to look at her attitude, or try to get all that make-up out and see for yourself. As with Komoro Soba, try eating their food and you'd be surprised.

I'm a bit confident a lot of people have already made their individual praises for Komoro Soba, since this joint opened way back years ago (when did Megamall open exactly?), but I never recalled eating with someone here. Sorry for my lack of memory, but I always remember eating at Komoro Soba by myself, whenever I get to go strolling at the mall to window shop or buy something important. I never wondered why it was always like that (going there alone), but the simple homey vibe was there at that place that you never really feel awkward even though you are not with someone. For me, it was simply much like a quick time travel to Japan, and a place where no one knows you but no one would care. You just order some simple japanese food, devour on it with patience and end the meal with a smile on your face.

But anyway, I can never recommend any other dish in Komoro Soba for that matter, because if you may read one of my earlier posts, I have a tendency to stick with a dish that I am accustomed to ordering. And in this case, it's their Katsudon. It's a winning dish at P92.00 and I love it. Why?

Nines vs. Food - Komoro soba-3.jpg
Pork Katsudon, P92.00

Katsudon has become one of the popular Japanese dishes because of its lack of sophistication yet simplicity and ease of the elements in the dish that is perfect for me. A hefty slab of breaded pork that's tender to the bite, topped with a boiling hot donburi sauce mixture on a bed of sticky but not overcooked hot white rice. Topped with only a few spring onions and you've got a complete meal in one bowl.

Nines vs. Food - Komoro soba-4.jpg
1/2-inch thick slices 

So why the heck am I raving about this particular Katsudon dish? Thing is, a lot of the tonkatsu and katsudon dishes I get to order are at most times almost similar to schnitzels, which is Viennese rather than Japanese. Komoro Soba, however, takes their dishes "japanesely" (seriously japanese - me and my invented words) and tries their very best to provide you with the most authentic dishes at VERY affordable prices. As seen on more popular but more pricey restaurants out there, one of the factors to a great Katsudon is the breaded pork cutlet, which should be thick and cooked through but the breaded coating should not be hard or too crunchy that you cannot appreciate the taste of it.

Komoro Soba is the restaurant that should not be missed, moreso if you are on a budget for some real japanese food. Their menu ranges from about P60.00 - P200.00 so you are sure to get your money's worth.

So what do you think about Komoro Soba?

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