Dannylicious BBQs in Quezon City

"If I only knew....if I only knew this a long time ago..." were the only set of words running through my mind whenever I eat at Dannylicious BBQs.

Sometimes my work pains me to cook and hastens my patience to eat and replenish my, ehem, lost energy (and mild to extreme hungers of course). Thank God for Dannylicious BBQs, but I especially find barbecuing as one of the most hassle ways to cook food. Why? Because personally, it's complicated to do, or maybe it's just me.

Why again? Well, if you wanted to get that authentic pinoy style grilled food much like Dannylicious BBQs and those other, smaller ihawans on the corners of Manila streets, you have to buy some charcoal, get some paper, prep the grilling unit, put up a fire behind those coals, and start fanning the griller until the coals burns further they form a pure ash covering. This is the only time you can grill any barbecue for that matter. By the time the food gets cooked, man I do smell like smoke and like I'm the one getting barbecued.

Nevertheless, I am a fan of barbecues, as it is one of my favorite street foods (who doesn't?). Whenever I get the chance, I like to devour on barbecued pig's ears, pig and chicken intestines, sausages, chicken gizzards, the possibilities are endless! Although I make sure to see if they are clean and were not prepared with unhealthy procedures of preparation. And just a thought, it is not advisable to eat them everyday because you can't avoid eating small amounts of carbon which can damage your health if taken excessively.

Speaking of barbecues, pork barbecue is probably the biggest hit from Dannylicious BBQs, a homegrown barbecue spot which started since the disco era! I am not really sure where they were first located after almost 30 years in the barbecue business, but right now they are located in Kalantiaw Street that's on the other side of P.Tuazon in Quezon City. If I may just calculate it, it's not even 10 kilometers away from my house, which is why I keep telling myself on why I knew it just now.

Again, my friend introduced me to this eatery and I am so happy he told me about it. Dannylicious' BBQs caters to everyone with their famous pork barbecue combined with a mixture of vinegar/calamansi based sauce swimming in onions and chili, which is probably one of the most affordable places to go to if you are on a super tight budget.

So let's get on with the food, shall we? We started by ordering from the counter, and waited on our seats as some lady started to pile them up on our table.

Nines vs. Food - Dannylicious BBQs-2.jpg
Rice, Sauce and Free Soup

Sure, Dannylicious' BBQs can be eaten in a lot of ways, by itself, as a snack, or as beer food. But here, I find it best with rice. They then give you a small bowl of their vinegar sauce, some chopped white onions and soup (depending on the days, you can sometimes get beef soup, tamarind soup or clear chicken soup).

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Bicol Express

It actually took quite a few minutes for our pork barbecues to cook, but meantime, we started eating as soon as we got our order of Bicol Express. A creamy, thick, coconut based dish with slices of pork that lingers in between the hot rice. It's just sheer, awesome yumminess! It was actually friend's order so I tried to control myself and waited for my actual order.

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Nines vs. Food - Dannylicious BBQs-5.jpg
Pork Barbecue and Ensaladang Talong

And yes, while smiling, my two orders of barbecue arrived, which is perfect (establish on the perfect please) with ensaladang talong, a simple side salad made with grilled eggplant that's peeled and cut into pieces, copped tomatoes, onions and that similar vinegar mixture mixed with some sugar and other spices. A melody of sweet, sour and spicy tastes was all I need to satisfy my hunger, and that I got at Dannylicious BBQs.

I couldn't describe enough on how I enjoyed eating during that time, but it was simple and there was no room for being overrated. It wasn't just my tummy who got happy, but emotionally, the eating experience was honest without hiding anything. Sure, there are a few burnt pork pieces along the way, and the place itself where Dannylicious BBQs is located may lack renovation, but it did not compromise the quality and affordability (since our bill was less than P200.00) of what Dannylicous BBQ offers. That of which, somehow depicts the real local fastfood that does not always have to be inside styroboxes and paper plates.

Dannylicious BBQs is open on weekdays and weekends for lunch and dinner, and closing times caries depending on their stock for the day, so make sure to come a bit earlier to enjoy their scrumptious barbecues and homecooked dishes.

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