A True Filipino Ultimate Buffet: What's New at Kamayan Dad's Saisaki

From the beginnings of three successful buffet establishments that you used to go to for family gatherings, special occasions or just to splurge yourself with a wide variety of food, Kamayan Saisaki Dad's has come a long way already. I then tried my best to retrieve a few pig-out memories from my brain back when I was younger, like going to Kamayan along Edsa to simply eat using your hands and then remembering their handwashing stations, devouring myself with a lot of angus beef back-to-back with my first taste of sukiyaki at Dad's Saisaki Megamall, and my birthday dinner celebration here at  Kamayan Saisaki Dad's West Ave with my family a few years back.

Looking cuuhhrazy with my sis and mother
Lower left photo: Yessir that's my plate right there! :))
If you enjoy eating at buffet restaurants like I do, Kamayan Saisaki Dad's, owned by the Triple V Group, is one of those establishments that started since the late 80's but still remain to be on top of their game when it comes to uniqueness amongst other, and sometimes more favorable competitors. I wasn't surprised when I recently found out while doing an online research that even SamboKojin, one of my favorite smokeless grill buffet restaurants, is also part of the Triple V Group. This just proves that competition may be fierce, but their innovation always seem to stand out.

I really can't tell which one is prettier! :)
Yet, I was surprised about two weeks ago when I got invited to attend an exclusive lunch to meet Triple V's Managing Directors Cara and Mara Villavicencio. The event happened last Saturday, September 8, at their West Avenue branch. They then shared with other foodies some insights on the ongoing success and impact of buffet restaurants; and on how Kamayan Saisaki Dad's continue to aim in providing only the best food offerings and service for customers like us.

But prior to that, of course I need to revisit my post about prepping up before eating in buffet restos. I need to check on my armory before going to a challenge, right? I ate salad the night before and took some anti-allergy meds (i just developed an allergy from eating shrimp) before arriving at the venue.

So here are just some photos of what me and my friend ate as we went around the different food stations. I wasn't able to include the photos of dessert though (had my fave strawberry ice cream only). All in all, I had no complaints whatsoever with the food, except for the fact that they had lack of presentation with the pasta and salad stations.

There are constant refilling of fresh food as well so everything's just great. The variation of each cuisine was melodious and the whole second floor was a big orchestra of flavors. Just yum!

From left to right: Callos, Roast Beef, Salad, Cold Cuts, Lengua;
Center - Roast Lamb with Mint Jelly
My friend's plate
Along with our lightning fast-paced technology, Kamayan Saisaki Dad's is surely keeping up with the times with great news and updates for buffet patrons like me which somehow proved on why Kamayan Saisaki Dad's is indeed the true Filipino ultimate buffet. With that, I would like to share with you some of these great updates so you can have an idea of what's in store if ever you planning on dining in the restaurant.

Great update #1: Kamayan Saisaki Dad's West Avenue Branch just got a makeover!
In addition to SamboKojin which was now located on the first floor, Kamayan Dad's Saisaki is newly renovated with white walls and comfy gray furnitures at the second floor (unlike its previous wooden chairs and native Filipino setting). The stairs is also looking pretty shabby too! I happen to have a picture of how it looked like before the transformation (along with me and my siblings' transformation as well hehe)

Lighter interiors with a modern Filipino vibe
Dividers in the restaurant are adjusted based on your preference
of having a VIP area.  
Coincidentally, I have a picture on the stairway
 with my brother and sister :)
Great update #2: The return of the comeback: Bestsellers coming straight at your tables!
If you happen to forget getting that tempura or that slice of roast beef from one of the food stations, fret not! Kamayan Saisaki Dad's are now equipped with personalized food servers each portraying a Shrimp (he had this headpiece that I wore too, so cute!), a Katipunero, a Japanese Geisha and a Brazilian passador, offering the restaurant's buffet bestsellers and other new items right on your table, like Saisaki's Tempura, Kamayan's Pritson and Maja Blanca/Sapin Sapin, Temaki (something new from Saisaki) and Dad's barbecued meats/seafood respectively. I tried everything except the kakanin during this time because I find it quite heavy to eat.

At first, I was just portaying an ice refiller.
And then later on I decided to be a shrimp myself.! :)

Grilled Seafood, anyone?

Great update #3: Freshness to boot, courtesy of Kamayan Saisaki Dad's!
Kamayan Saisaki Dad's steers away from skepticism by providing a better view of how their dishes are made with their Open Kitchen concept, wherein you get to see all the action behind the food stations! Imagine yourself being your own boss and having your own personalized chef to cook for you using only the best and freshest ingredients. Not only that, you can also anticipate the authenticity of their food, particularly Japanese, as they have native Japanese chefs working at some of their branches.

Sukiyaki/Soba noodle station and open kitchen
Carving Station where you can personalize
your cuts of roasted meat

With over 200++ food choices, why settle for anything less, or more perhaps? If there is anything that I really like about eating here is not just the food, but the entire 'experience' in dining. I definitely agreed with Mara and Cara when they reiterated this message, as I have attested this with my past experiences in their other branches. The staff are very friendly that they give a warm, welcoming presence to the entire venue. I won't be speaking for everyone but for me it's like making you part of their family, which is a truly wonderful thing to remember as time passes by. I think this is one of their strengths on why they still made it all these years and why a lot of their customers just keep coming back. Kudos to the company for having such great people working for you guys.

And after we finished our lunch, in summary I got to meet new people such as other bloggers to share my insights, I got to meet powerful yet humble players in the food industry, and me and my friend considered it as a celebration as well! These are the things that added up to another great experience in Kamayan Dad's Saisaki.

If you are looking for an affordable buffet with great customer service that is truly Filipino through the importance of close-family ties and giving out our hospitality that you don't usually encounter in other buffet restaurants, I highly recommend that you head on to Kamayan Saisaki Dad's today.

Buffet Prices:
Dad's Ultimate Buffet (including Kamayan and Saisaki)
Lunch (Mon-Thurs) - P595.00, (Fri-Sun) - P695.00
Dinner (Mon-Sun) - P695.00
Holidays (Lunch and Dinner) - P695.00
Kids below 4 ft - P290.00

Lunch (Mon-Thurs) - P555.00, (Fri-Sun) - P655.00
Dinner (Mon-Sun) - P655.00
Holidays (Lunch and Dinner) - P655.00
Kids below 4 ft - P265.00

Lunch and Dinner (Mon-Sun) - P415.00
Kids below 4 ft - P225.00 

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