September Hits!

I was still wide awake last night (August 31) until the wee hours of the morning and in an instant what I have noticed was that almost everyone has updated their Facebook statuses and it's all about the first day of September, which is obviously the start of the Christmas season. Indeed, I am very excited as well because ever since I started blogging last April 2012 I had a lot of updates and changes on this blog.

And I am very thankful that as I fill it up with more posts my visitors have been gradually increasing, with the help of some of the establishments who by research get to bump into my blog posts about them, and a lot of my friends who care to share some information on whether or not a certain place would be likeable to go to in terms of food, ambiance and service.

With that, I would like to share to you some updates and answers to a few concerns from some of my visitors/friends:

*Updated Privacy Policy - recently, the Philippines took on another massive issue about a Senator who is being accused with plagiarism and the worst thing was that he is currently under the ropes right now with criticism from our online friends worldwide. As a blogger who needs to secure any information coming from my blog, I just updated my policy that no one should be free copy any of my content and own it. Should you want to use my content, please make sure to always inform the author and include references as this is considered a very responsible act of communication.

*Changes with the blog's overall look - I am vulnerable to these online changes from time to time (as with all of my other online accounts) and the visual output of Nines vs. Food is one of them. This includes my blog's site background, my picture on the About page, texts and other important codes. I hope that in time I am able to come up with my own images and call it my own. And if that happens, I am pretty sure the changes won't be as often as it is at present.

I think that right now my blog still looks very plain and dull (I am my own critic, and obviously my homepage has no featured pictures yet per post) but I do believe my actual content compromises it for the meantime. For all my visitors, I apologize for the dullness, thank you for your patience, and please expect such visual improvements in the coming months.

*Contests - Please watch out for some contests here on Nines vs Food which kicks off the Christmas season. This features some of my goodies and homemade sinful confections that I started selling last year. It may also feature other stuff like free invites to events, freebies, passes, who knows! Any useful stuff that I may just like to think about. This might be the start of being similar to a lot of blogs, but hey, it's always fun to give when you have more, so watch out for my upcoming posts about it very soon.

For more information on what I'm talking about, please consider my shameless plug and take a peek on my other Facebook page for my chocolate truffles located on my blog's sidebar.

Just the same, these are all of the updates for now. If you have any feedback, anything that might help me with some concerns, anything that needs to be improved on this blog, please don't hesitate to provide comments or message me through e-mail.

Rest assured I'm gonna have more posts starting this month, as I'll be out to more places this time, and of course go back on some of the restaurants and foodstops that I have been to before.

Have a happy September everyone (and as for me, I am)!
Cheers to hunger and bigger food servings!

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