Nines vs. Food goes to GIGI Coffee and Cupcakes

Here in the Philippines, we have become more vulnerable to tragedy than ever in the last three years. Just like what Ondoy did to our lands in 2009, millions of families have suffered again from floods, leaving behind their homes because the hard rains have caused the waters to rise above normal levels. Almost 50% of Metro Manila has been affected by the very bad weather. Nevertheless, we remain to hold on amidst that nerve-wrecking low pressure area that have left us devastated and traumatized. Our Filipino spirit moves on, and it's very inspiring to see everyone helping each other. With this, why don't you try to volunteer or try to offer donations? You can easily have access to a lot of community groups or even establishments to lend a hand for the flood victims here in Manila and our nearby provinces.

So after almost 10 days or raining, here comes the sun again. Oh how sweet the sun shines upon us on a lovely Thursday. And how I began to crave for cupcakes after my workshift. Good thing there's this new cupcake store here in Eastwood that I have been craving for again.

Nines vs. Food - GIGI Coffee and Cupcakes Logo
GIGI Coffee and Cupcakes Official Logo
(taken from their Facebook Page)
GIGI Coffee and Cupcakes, which is located at the corner lobby of the Felina Corporate Plaza, seem to attract a lot of attention with their unusual array of cupcake flavors, which in all honestly, really looks and sounds very unusual at first, but then again, are found to be quite unique and delectably exquisite. A word from the wise: It might be very uncontrollable to eat them if you are fond of cupcakes.

Nines vs. Food - GIGI Coffee and Cupcakes Interior
GIGI's crisp green and white interiors
(taken from their Facebook Page)
Their uniqueness starts with the way their store has been made. With just observing the store's interiors you might ask yourself if you have just time travelled into a secret garden, featuring some man made grass floors and cool white wooden chairs. I didn't notice it at first, but I was quite in awe to see famous couple Dra. Vicky Belo and Hayden Kho at the store at this time, whom I can almost hear as they were raving about the cupcakes.

Owners Gigi Gaerlan and husband Patrick
I'm also very glad that I was able to meet owners Gigi Gaerlan and her husband Patrick who were just as friendly as their store looked. I asked them about their store which I seemingly found very interesting, and with a few chitchat, they told me that they pursued GIGI Coffee and Cupcakes along with their business partner Dondi (hope I spelled it right). I eagerly told them it was my second time to buy at their store and asked if I just happened to have my luck in meeting them, but then I found out that they visit the store almost everyday. What's great about this is that it shows that they are very much hands-on with what they are offering to their customers.

I have been craving for a red velvet cupcake, but because I went there quite late (around 10:30pm), I only saw that only Bacon Chocolate and Chili Chocolate cupcakes were the only ones left on their counter. Nice to know that their cupcakes selling like hotcakes, but darn it! Wait what? Bacon? Chili? Again....bacon? Yes, I mostly think of bacon whenever I watch those Epic Meal Time videos on Youtube, but me eating it? On a cupcake? For a minute or two I thought, and decided on a self-declared challenge. YES! I'M GONNA TRY IT! What would be Nines vs. Food without trying a bacon laden chocolate cupcake, right?

GIGI Coffee and Cupcakes are reasonably priced at P40.00 per piece and are cheaper by the dozen. A box of 6 is priced at P235.00, box of 12 at P455.00, all neatly placed inside their big shoebox-like containers. They also offer a good selection of coffees and teas, as evidently seen on their wide chalkboard-like menu.

Bacon Chocolate Cupcake

Their cupcakes do not taste any less compared to the usual ones I've tried before. As I muster myself to that first bite of that bacon cupcake, I was stunned. The chocolate cake was super moist, not dry at all but not that heavy too, and the bacon isn't half bad either. It was like a perfect song duet of saltiness and sweetness! The chocolate tasted richer when you get that hint of saltiness from the bacon. The effect is similar to eating their chocolate cupcakes with sea salt, only, this is real bacon pieces on top baby! Miss Gigi told me it would have been much, much better if I was able to eat them while the bacon was still quite crispy, but it didn't really affect the taste of it as much so its all good.

After that one bite, I had to save some for my friend, who apparently liked it as well, as we shared it until I got home. I also ordered their chocolate cupcake with chili flakes on top, but maybe I'm gonna try this one tomorrow instead, as some of my officemates said that they like  GIGI's cupcakes better when chilled.

Chili Chocolate Cupcake

Miss Gigi was even very kind enough and handed me some cheese squares which I also took home. Unlike their cupcakes, these are separately packed in gold foil packs which might seem comparable to food for the gods at first, but my friend tried it and he was shouting "wow" while driving. Inside each pack are perfectly square, pillowy, cheese flavored pastries which melts in your mouth as you eat it.My friend said it tastes like cheesy pastillas but much decadent. I think he preferred the cheese squares I guess.

If you want to 'get out of the usual cupcake box' or wanted to give something different for someone, I urge you to check out  GIGI Coffee and Cupcakes. Affordable and worth every penny if you ask me. You might also want to try their other cupcakes (I hear Apple Crumble is one of their best recos). Just make sure to drop by their store at an earlier time as their cupcakes doesn't really take long on their counters before they finally get sold out.

To know about their latest updates and check out their complete selection of their cupcakes, feel free to visit and like  GIGI Coffee and Cupcakes' official Facebook page here.

Special thanks again to the owners of GIGI Coffee and Cupcakes. See you soon! :)

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