K-Food Pop at Daewang Korean Restaurant

After much delay, we are now going back to our 'normal programming' to talk about everything over-the-top but insistingly affordable to eat. Koreans have now taken over the world, or Kalayaan Avenue, at least.

In an instant they have become quite comparable to how the Chinese people have made accomplishments in terms of influence, such as in music (K-Pop), television (Koreanovelas), and food (Korean Fried Chicken). In a world full of people from different ethnicities, we should take it as a challenge to be open minded in discovering and embracing other cultures and backgrounds. I myself have enjoyed Korean Food so much that it was already on my list of food cravings alongside the usual buffalo wings, milk tea and japanese food. Of course, my love for Filipino cuisine will always stay in my heart, but alas, I really do feel that it is too big that it does not need to fight for a space for Korean foodfare. And what a way for me to define it that to showcase a good Korean restaurant in Quezon City which I find really inexpensive yet superbly satisfying for both my tastebuds and my belly.

Korean BBQ cravings galore
Just outside Daewang Korean Restaurant
Daewang Korean Restaurant is just one of the many Korean food stops in Kalayaan, Quezon City. Pronounced (though I'm not quite sure) as Daeyang, the  place is situated in a quite old building which I noticed has a number of establishments as well. Unlike its other competitors on its nearby streets, Daewang Korean Restaurant is just as simple that you wouldn't notice that it's there even if it hits you between the eyes. From here on then I highly suggest not to judge any further until you have tasted their food.

A quick look inside Daewang Korean Restaurant
The place is so special that you get to leave behind a special memory that you were able to enjoy eating in the place. This is evidently seen on the walls of the small resto, which is mighty filled of signatures from almost all the customers who went there. The restaurant is an entire freedom wall, and I can't wait to write myself my blog's name after eating hehe. But enough of that. Me and my friend got the unlimited pork buffet that one rainy Sunday night, which was shockingly low-priced at P300.00 per person. Each plate includes 10 thick slices of pork that we get to cook on the grill on our table and along with the meat comes a very impressive serving of side dishes and soup. I think that the difference between the other Korean buffets and Daewang Korean Restaurant is that they automatically give another fresh plate of meat once you are done eating the first plate, with no questions asked.

Pork slices, that hot grill, soybean stew and a plate of greens with garlic

If only I can perfectly name all those side dishes I would have succeeded making this blog post with an A+ in korean cuisine familiarity, but I am aware that there is a plate of various greens, a peppery mixed green salad, pickled quail eggs, picked bean sprouts, pickled radishes, kimchi, julienned cabbage and carrots and some small tasty pancakes. Of course you wouldn't eat a korean dinner without the staple sauces like bean paste, chili paste and sesame oil with salt and pepper. Our additional order was the rice which came in small stainless steel containers which resembled your usual "baon" for school or work.

Their soup, called Doenjang Chigae, on the other hand, was hot and spicy and very appealing to the palatte. It was made with soybean paste, vegatables korean red pepper and silken tofu, which I find very unique.

We started to eat by cooking the grilled pork on a hot, charcoal laden grill which was provided by the same guy who handed to us all of the side dishes. He left us with a plate of plain pork slices and scissors which we need in order to cut the meat into smaller, bite size portions. It didn't take long for the meat to be cooked, with only a few minutes we were already busy with our Samkyubsal (or Samgyupsal in other places) dinner.

Samkyubsal, for me, has become very appealing to eat because you get to customize how to eat it according to your personal preference. You can wrap the grilled pork in greens with sauce and rice, or you can simply eat it all by itself, and then have some rice separately. You can mix and match the meat with all the available side dishes on the table, and you can enjoy some hot soup once you realized you might have had enough. It was not just the food, but the experience that we always aim for whenever we come to restaurants like Daewang Korean Restaurant.

What just happened? :D
And so after 2 hefty plates of pork, we both gave up on our korean bbq fiesta. We were so full at that time that we didn't even finish the other side dishes. If only we haven't got a scheduled movie to watch later that night, we would have stayed longer for another plare, I think.

But anyway, just in case you might be interested to experience this one of a kind treat, here are three important tips before you head down to Daewang Korean Restaurant:

1. If you plan to do it on a weekday, too bad, but don't. Daewang Korean Restaurant's Eat-all-you-can Korean BBQ promo is only available during weekends. You might try eating light before hitting a buffet (for a complete list of tips before eating in buffets, see my previous post right here).

2. If you are planning something after eating at Daewang Korean Restaurant, bring an extra top or shirt, unless you likely want to shout out to everyone that you have just eaten in a Korean restaurant. This is not really a bad thing, but smelling like kimchi inside the cinema might just leave the people around you craving for it as well.

3. If you would like to make a good remembrance after dining at Daewang Korean Restaurant. or would like to enjoy writing on their cool freedom wall interiors, bring your own permanent marker (in different colors should you prefer hehe). After a few minutes of rest, we asked for a permanent marker for me to use on the wall where our table is located. Good thing there'e still a few ink for me to use to write, but I think the next person who will be handed out that marker might not be able to use it anymore.

After eating my friend even bid a friendly goodbye to one of Daewang Korean Restaurant's servers, Mark, whom he told me that he met while playing basketball (they were living in the same neighborhood i think), and eventually he found out that the guy was working at Daewang. Kudos to Mark, because he really is doing good with his job of providing the hot charcoal for the customers (I saw him prepping up some outside the entrance of the resto). Kudos to our server too. He was friendly enough to bring back the third plate that we can't be able to finish too.

For a number of years it has remained open despite their lack of renovation with the place, but I do hope that in the next couple of years there would be more Saturdays or Sundays in my life of eating here at Daewang Korean Restaurant.

Daewang Korean Restaurant is located near the corner of Masigla and Kalayaan Avenue, Quezon City

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