Friday Night at Chuck's Deli Eastwood

Ah, online coupon sites. Sometimes you love em', sometimes you don't. They are so gratifying and oftentimes addicting for other people. Of course it's basically purchasing something online at discounted prices, even though the thought of fraud in terms of paying to these companies come to mind at some point. As other coupon sites try to lure a lot of their online customers to pay for their offers, but instead they waste their money on cheap nothings. You see, I never really trusted these sites (although I have a lot of subscriptions from a lot of coupon sites hehe), until there came one time when one of my officemates bought some vouchers for Chuck's Deli, which is a very good place to eat some hearty sandwiches.

Previous Chuck's Deli Coupon from Ensogo
Each one of us only paid for P99.00 per individual order that is worth P200.00, so instantly we got ourselves some of their sandwiches for half the price. During that time, I enjoyed eating at Chuck's Deli so much that when I saw the same promo again on a few weeks ago I didn't hesitate to purchasing it since I was already aware that the coupon site and the coupon itself are indeed legit. Most importantly, since Chuck's Deli is very near my office, I can easily go to their store to verify if the said promo was real or not. But anyway, I miss eating their sandwiches. So me and my friend bought one voucher each and used them last week, and had our late dinner at Chuck's Deli last friday.

Slay The Buffy Challenge Wall - complete with mechanics
and a display of the winner's shirt
- sorry for the photo quality, i'm not really good at taking pictures :))

Chuck's Deli, which for me offers the best tasting, almost artisan sandwiches in Manila, has what they vividly call the "Slay The Buffy" wherein you are to finish a whole 10-inch sweet and spicy buffalo chicken in as little as 5 minutes! The prize? A cool challenge winner shirt and bragging rights both in their store/s and online.

After I signed up on their form (to confirm that I already claimed my coupon), the server advised that all their sandwiches come with either a siding of onion rings and potato chips. So before our main course even hit our table, we already chowed down on onion rings while watching the Olympics on the restaurants's elevated television sets.

Chuck's Deli Faking Duck Slabwich
We each ordered a half slabwich but he got the Faking Duck (P195.00) and I had the French Kiss (P220.00). The former was obviously named from its chinese roots, made with roast pork, lettuce, hoisin sauce, leeks and crispy noodle pieces on a 5-inch homemade ciabatta bread. My friend even tested himself if he can finish half a slab in 5 minutes (to see if he can join the Slay The Buffy challenge) but failed to eat half of it after almost 150 seconds! He might try to practice his appetite if he want to push through with the idea. After finally giving up, he slowed down his chewing for a bit, I took one bite from his order and thought that the Faking Duck was okay. The hoisin sauce just made it too sweet for me I guess, which I did not prefer.

Chuck's Deli French Kiss Slabwich

Meanwhile, my order had the same ciabatta bread but instead it's filled with corned lengua (braised ox tongue), sauerkraut and garlic horseradish dressing. Mine was ultimately savory and tangy, and I have an long distance relationship with sauerkraut (because I rarely eat sandwiches for dinner....dreaming of Sabrett Hot Dogs with sauerkraut right now). I was wondering what was so French about this sandwich (considering its name), but it says on the menu that I'll start speaking the language of love after eating this. Although I wasn't able to say out loud any French words, I can say that French Kiss is my favorite sandwich in Chuck's Deli, and a very sophisticated one as well. Their ciabatta bread is perfectly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, and the meat and condiments on the sandwich tasted divine. The only downside that I encountered was finding a few whole peppercorns which didn't really add anything but bitter, overly peppery taste which I did not like, so I had to search for every last bit of peppercorn and took them out before eating the sandwich.

For a 5-inch slabwich, I only finished half while my friend finished his whole half slab. And it wasn't even bad when I ate it the next day. Their sandwiches are actually perfect for long trips or times when you need some portable food that's not hard to eat. Although of course they are better when served warm.

Maybe I can finish a whole slabwich soon. Maybe I'll see another promo of theirs online too. Eitherway, who knows. Maybe you can try coming to Chuck's Deli soon instead.

Check out their menu and latest promos on the Chuck's Deli Facebook page here, or check out their official website

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