Flavored Butter Recipe Ideas

Want to make the most out of your butter? Here is a good list of sweet and savory compound butters that I thought of today for future reference, as I may use them for some specific needs while cooking.

Compound Butter btw is made using fresh butter (soft, not melted), and a vast possibility of other ingredients that you can simply mix in until incorporated. Using a mold or plastic wrap, collect the flavored butter and that's it! Just put it back in the fridge to set and use it anytime you please.

image courtesy of http://www.finecooking.com/articles/how-to/make-flavored-butters.aspx

Sweet Compound Butters

*you can use them for pancakes, waffles, french toast or simple warm breads.
You can also use them as a sweet condiment for steaks or dark meats, if you wish to be more exploratory with different flavors.

Maple Nut Butter - maple syrup and any type of chopped nuts that you want to add
Fruit Butter - any type of fruit jam or jelly
Honey Nut Butter - honey and any type of chopped nuts
Cookies and Cream Butter - crushed oreo cookies and chocolate chips
Chocolate Butter - chocolate syrup and chopped dark chocolate pieces
Cinnamon Butter - cinnamon and granulated sugar

Savory Compound Butters

Kimchi Butter - juice of kimchi, chili paste and sesame oil
Italian Heat - dried basil, oregano, and chili flakes
Persian Mix - cumin, curry and a bit of tarragon leaves
Dill and Lemon Butter - fresh dill, lemon juice and lemon rind
Balsamic Vinegar Butter - sweet thick balsamic vinegar and minced garlic
Garlic Bread Butter - minced garlic, parmesan cheese and parsley
Pepper Butter - minced black, green and red whole peppercorns
Pesto Butter - store-bought or freshly made pesto
Shrimp Butter - oilve oil, lemon, minced red chilies and garlic
Mexican Butter - tomato paste, cilantro and onion powder

image courtesy of http://www.bonappetit.com/blogsandforums/blogs/badaily/2011/09/how-to-make-flavored-butter.html

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  1. Chopped onion leeks and onion... and cooked beef bone marrow.

  2. Nice combination. Thanks Arvin :)