How to Make Quick and Easy Budweiser Buffalo Wings

Ever since Nines vs. Food started to go online it's posts was always about the places where I enjoyed eating, encountering food mishaps, and putting into words other memorable food adventures that I recently encountered with friends and family. This however, is my first attempt to provide you with a quick and easy recipe for buffalo wings which I happened to devote my time during one night after my usual workshift. It's a quick, convenient and much affordable way to enjoy some good hot buffalo wings, most especially when you realized you might have to hold yourself at times from cashing in at restaurants that tend to be a little bit out of your budget.

So how do I make cheap and easy-to-make buffalo wings?

First of all, with utmost respect, making new york style buffalo wings requires a lot of time, patience, skill and major experimentation. I admire those people who can do it using the best possible natural ingredients. I, on the other hand, don't have the time nor the patience, since I already mentioned on one of my previous posts that I am not a buffalo wing connoisseur. My skill, however, is that I am quite good at making shortcuts in the kitchen.

I have tried the basic recipe of buffalo wings before (using raw ingredients) but it tasted a lot different than what I have been enjoying at most buffalo food joints (refer to my previous posts to know more about my top buffalo wing joints in Manila). My personal verdict? Not really good. Even my own tastebuds has to be a critic for my own cooking.

The solution? Funny, but I use the supermarket quick mixes that you can see in pouches. What could be easier than this, right? This "Screamer" Buffalo Wing Mix from McCormick was a gem. And because I go to supermarkets more often than to parlors or boutiques, I already discovered using this even if later on they aired a TVC to promote it even further.

Of course, they also have other variants like teriyaki and classic, but I only prefer screamer because this particularly resembles the normal hotness of the buffalo wings that I enjoy eating on a regular
basis. I even bought myself a Korean fried chicken mix that I will try next time.

Thing is, when friend is around he always make sure to do something undoubtedly weird to the food but somehow makes it even yummier (for most people, i guess). Ever heard of sinigang na tocino? Hahaha! Anyway, during this time, he decides to add more hot sauce, like Budweiser's Hot and Spicy Hot Wing Sauce that I bought for half the price at Rustans last week, while I decided to make it twice fried this time because it really makes it crispier and more flavorful.

To make it more detailed, here is the recipe of our version of Budweiser Buffalo Wings. Good for 2 hungry persons.

Easy Twice Fried Budweiser Buffalo Wings

5 pcs. chicken wings - P50.00
3 pcs. chicken drumsticks - P50.00
1 pack McCormick Screamer Buffalo Wings Mix - P40.00
Budweiser Hot and Spicy Hot Wing Sauce - P96.00 (this is half the actual price)
about 1/2 cup of flour
salt and pepper
oil for deep frying

Wash the chicken wings and drumsticks and drain. Cut each wing to two pieces. Set them aside in a big container. Add in the flour (from the buffalo wing mix), salt and pepper. Add in some extra flour if you think that the wings is not that coated enough. Fry them until golden brown. Make sure to cook the drumsticks a bit longer since the meat is thicker than those of the wings. An indication that you can already turn them while cooking is when you see that their is blood coming out from the bones and when that small bloody part gets dried out (it gets black but not burnt). This will take about about 20 to 25 minutes to cook. Drain.

Meantime, in a large container with lid, combine the buffalo wing sauce (also included in the mix) and put on either at least a tablespoon or two of the Budweiser hot sauce. It really depends on your preferred taste if you want it hotter or milder. You can definitely use other hot sauces as well.

Adjust the heat of the oil to high temp and drop the chicken on the hot oil for a minute or roughly two minutes and drain. During this time of cooking, the heaviness of the first fry dissipates, a bit of juice from the chicken gets evaporated and makes the cooking oil more flavorful. Result is that the chicken becomes obviously crispier and less oily compared to the first fry.

Place the cooked chicken in the container where you initially placed your buffalo wing sauce. Cover and shake until chicken pieces are evenly coated. Serve while it hot. Oh wait, it is literally hot :)


We literally had to dip it to some extra budweiser sauce while eating this dish. And my was the taste different. Just like what Summer told Tom in their elevator scene in the movie 500 days of Summer, "it was goooood......."

It was light, buttery, tangy, and chickenly flavorful. But focusing on the heat, the experience was memorable. The sauce was enhanced by the flavor of beer i guess, with a hint of habanera that sinks in on your tongue. The heat level was fantastic! Imagine small chilies being smothered on your lips. Quite challenging for you to want to eat more.

The best thing about it? We literally just spent P140.00 that day for thirteen pieces of chicken heaven. That is great compared to half a pound of buffalo wings at your local buffalo wing joints which will cost P125.00++ for just about five pieces. The rest of the ingredients were basically available on the cupboard so we didn't really have to spend as much as well.

Simple, fast, and satisfying indeed. And though we didn't try it, but I think this is best served with beer, right? Budweiser if you ask me.

Can't wait to do this again next week! 

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