Nines vs. Food goes to Everything At Steak

These past few days we have been experiencing a lot of rain which I find really annoying yet satisfying at the same time. Annoying because simply I hate it when it's raining. My shoes get wet, along the way you get to pass by a few flooded streets, people have a hard time going out, and me getting sick. Satisfying because I love the cool breeze and the cloudy skies. I'm able to sleep longer this way, and of course, I get to eat more food during the cold weather which makes it more gratifying.

Yet, moving on to my shameful weather report-like introduction, I'm wishing everyone in the coming rainy days to stay safe and take care while experiencing these tough weather conditions. Like me, I prefer not to go outside during these hard rains, mainly because I wouldn't want to get sick right?

My decision this weekend was not to go out late at night and drink with friends. I just stayed in my room watching TV and looking for recipes until I fall asleep. This is probably one of those weekends that I cherish the most because it is where I get to entirely chill and not actually worrying about other people.

But before I actually immersed myself on some me-time during this day, me and boyfriend still went out for awhile to eat dinner first and buy some dried egg noodles in a japanese food store for my mama.

The initial plan was for us to eat dinner before he goes out to meet our friends, as I should go back at home because I had to wake up early for a meet-up with a friend the next day. We decided to eat at Everything at Steak, where as a couple, it was our second time already. The first time he ate here was when I recently introduced the place on my birthday last April. During this time, however, he craved for Everything At Steak so much that I got his steak virus and my carnivorous alter-ego came out as well.

Everything at Steak originally stands on the corner of P. Guevarra right beside Petron Gas Station. Unusual as it looks, it is a very unlikely sight to see an awesome steak place. Even if you are used to passing by this street, you won't really see it unless you have a keen eye for it. If you would come here for the first time it looks as if it was your usual gas station convenience store. Then again, I recently saw that Everything At Steak already has another branch, still in San Juan, but located at Annapolis Street in Greenhills, which seem to be more accessible to customers then the former.

Although affordable steakhouses are booming quite rapidly in some parts of Metro Manila and Quezon City, the difference with Everything At Steak which makes it quite appealing is the extravagantly sized steaks that are very much affordable.

Rib Eye Steaks with sidings and your choice of sauce; P195.00

We then ordered our usual rib-eye steaks with one small cup of rice and a choice of one siding, which amounts to P195.00. Take note, I actually measured it for the awareness of some readers. Imagine a 2x5 big slab of meat which is about 3/4 inch thick all-in with siding and rice. Mouthwatering, isn't it?

He got the beef stroganoff, and I decided to stick with the ol' mashed potato. We also get to choose the sauces, so he picked the barbecue sauce, while I got the standard mushroom gravy. What I found most interesting about steak places is on how they can greatly grill the meat into your preferred level of doneness. I just love it when steak is cooked medium rare. Sooooo yummy!

Medium rare. Just the way I like it.

Their food is really good if you are a hungry eater like us. This is definitely budget friendly without compromising the quality of the meats that they offer, compared to more popular steak houses which tend to be more expensive.

They also serve other dishes like ribs, pasta, lots of siding offers and snacks too. As we wait for our orders, we instantly remembered about Man vs. Food's Carnivore Chronicles which  aired this month on TLC. Man, that 2 continuous episodes, which is a one hour full of scrumptious meatlover's heavenly food offers from different parts of the US was just not enough! If only they can go on a weekend marathon should there be an opportunity. I won't go out of the house until I finished watching it!

Meantime, if you want to enjoy these big grilled melt-in-your mouth meat heaven right here on earth, try visiting your nearest Everything At Steak steakhouse today.

Although it seems like the people from Everything At Steak are not actually updating their posts, you can still like their official Facebook page here.

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