The Buffalo Wing Chronicles Pt.3: Nines vs. Buffalo Wings n' Things

I was supposed to write this post last weekend but unfortunately I lost my phone (after a Friday shindig with officemates and friends at Eastwood City) that I had to go to Greenhills last Saturday, a popular mecca for gadgets just so I can replace it. At the same time, me and bf spent our time to go on other occasional food trip on the side. But hey, I'm back and LTB (lovin to blog) again today.

As I wonder, maybe there was a reason behind me losing those phones/numbers. Maybe it was a sign for me to officially move on at some things that cannot be changed because it has already been part of my past. Because at some point, there are just some situations that I would have to get over with in order for me to be better to myself and the people around me. Nevertheless, I'm not getting over my top 1 pick of my recommended choice to get the best buffalo wings in town! Drum roll please....'s none other than Buffalo Wings n' Things! A Nines vs. Food recommendation at its best. Yes, I admit that I haven't tried a lot of buffalo wings out there from other restaurants, joints or other food stops in Manila. And hey, I haven't even tried the authentic buffalo wings on other parts of this planet either. Most of all, I am definitely not a buffalo wing connoisseur. So you might ask, why does BWnT deserve to be my top 1 pick? My answer would be because BWnT is the reason why I loved buffalo wings and where I became more eager to try this dish and be experimental as I explore other places to try this dish. But based on my buffalo wings experience, NOTHING, and I mean n-o-t-h-i-n-g beats BWnT so far.

Buffalo Wings n' Things started out on 2009 and I discovered it while strolling around Greenhills (since they previously have a branch just along the G-Strip) and was curious about the fuss of having to have different levels of hotness in such cute names which definitely described their sauces. It was a three-year relationship I must say. If only I can compile all the pictures that I took whenever I go to this place as I enjoy chowing on their buffalo wings with my bestfriend, my brother and my friend, who became another fan as soon as I introduced this to him (since we both love eating and cooking spicy food). After their Greenhills branch closed, they are also situated at Ortigas Home Depot where they have long been situated and where I mostly go to these days. At the same time, I am planning to come soon at their recently opened Sgt. Esguerra branch which is closer from home.

They have "The Rookie", "New York's Finest" and "Firehouse Classic" which defines their milder, just-hot sauces, and if you dare, you can also try out their "Armageddon" and "Nuclear" wings for size. For those who really don't like the heat, Garlic Parmesan and Honey BBQ are some alternatives to please your palate.

BWnT menu (from their official FB page)

From then on, I have been coming to this joint whenever I crave for buffalo wings, starting from the The Rookie and up until Nuclear which, unfortunately, was probably one of the greatest challenges I have to face in terms of eating food (I had one piece and gave up). The heat just had to stay on your mouth for a while before it subsides. I tried it once, and decided maybe I'd be better off with Firehouse Classic instead, while my friend liked Armageddon so much I can see his face become blotchy and red and he is just perspiring because of the heat that he is experiencing on his tastebuds. He seemed to enjoy it anyway.

Firehouse Classic and Armageddon Buffalo Wings with Dirty Rice and Bleu Cheese Dip

The verdict on being top 1? Their claim for being voted the best buffalo wings in NY is but true. As the owner submitted his recipe, won, and resulted to a very profitable achievement today. Their sauces has a balance of heat taste that I can't get enough of. Tangy, spicy, mellow buttery goodness seeping through its crispy skin all the way to the chicken meat of each wing. Their dips are sweet yet mild that it doesn't overpower the taste of the wings. I never use a fork when I eat here. I just get some gloves and chow my way down with an order of dirty rice, a yummy mixture of beans, rice and salsa that complements the wings very well. My BWnT experience is bone lickin' good everytime!

On the wings of love :p

I can never really guess what they might be putting on their sauces to achieve that taste, but I don't mind. I can come back to this joint whenever I want to. Just like their tagline, I recommend you to drop by here if you want to get Buffaloed, as I myself am pretty sure of coming back here anytime soon! Well, this ends my three part chronicle of the best wings in town based on my preference. I'm sure everyone has their own list though, but surely for buffalo wing lovers like me, we just won't get enough of it I guess.

Check out and like Buffalo Wings n Things on their Official Facebook Page right here. I suggest you should check out their page more often because they have a lot of promos and contest in store for you to get a chance of getting free food from this joint!


  1. Wanna try this as well! Looks so yummy! Remember I message you before for the location of wings n things? Jeff to. Hehehe. Pls visit my blog for recipes.

  2. So love to try this! Remember I message you about the location? This is Jeff by the way.hehehe. Me and my family enjoys only 2 things, Food and Free food! Hahahaha!pls visit my website for recipes that might interest you. Love love!

  3. Hi Jeff! Thanks for reading my post and sharing your blog! Well, I might have forgotten the time when you sent me a message but I most certainly hope that you can try eating at BWnT soon! :)