Mother's Day Celebration at Teriyaki Boy

First of all, I would like to just apologize for posting this at a later time, since I recently went through some things which I need not talk about here. Meanwhile, today is the first day of June (PS. Please be better June!) and I was absent at work because I had to do some documents / errands at home. Good thing I had to do these files online, so I'm now taking advantage of having some time to talk yet again about my food trips.

Mother's day has just passed and it was a Sunday. Since our family is the type that doesn't like to go out that much and exhaust ourselves with malling early during the day or going to some place different to celebrate, I never thought that later that night we will be having dinner at some restaurant just near our house. We then decided to go to Teriyaki Boy instead, because I was craving for anything Japanese (when will this end?) and my father was craving for Chicken Teriyaki. My mother was the least to decide on what to eat, and I guess that is one of the traits that I got from her (in my own way of course). I can eat anything and everything, except maybe if it doesn't really seem to be healthy.

Anyway, here is what we ordered. We ordered some Kakiage Tempura for appetizer. It is a dish made from julienned mixed vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, squid and onions which as dipped in tempura batter and fried to perfection. It is served with your usual tempura sauce mixed with ginger and radish. I can say that the balance of veggies and squid is just about right and the flavor of this appetizer is subtle and is not overpowering. My only complaint with this dish is that they only gave us a small amount of tempura sauce that we had to request for more for about two to three times, since the size and bready textures of each Kakiage really soaks up enough sauce before you can actually dig into it.

Kakiage Tempura
We also had some California Maki on the side. I do think this that I need not talk about this since a lot of people often order this kind of dish whenever they go to Japanese Restaurants, except maybe if they are allergic to salmon roe, nori wrapper or crab sticks.

California Maki

Me and my mother ordered the same thing which is Katsudon. I can say that I never really tried eating this dish from any other Japanese restaurant so I'd have to say that this is my menu favorite. Plump breaded strips of pork and softly cooked scrambled eggs/leeks with Katsudon sauce atop on a bed of fat grained rice is just bliss on my tastebuds.

My father really pushed through with his Chicken Teriyaki, which is also one of the bestsellers in Teriyaki Boy. I never really fancied it though, but hey, this is good. I just thought that if I were to enjoy chicken, it would have to be breaded, twice fried, or steamed instead.

Chicken Teriyaki

Speaking of breaded chicken, last on this post is my sister and brother's order Chicken Kaarage with Yamameshi Rice for sharing. Though they each had just a small cup of flavorful rice which I know is really "bitin" (I tried it before with officemates for lunch. Not good to order if you are hungry). Nevertheless, we all enjoyed eating this. I think my siblings made a good choice too, since it's originally to share for two but this chicken definitely was good for about 4 to 5 persons!

Chicken Kaarage
Yamameshi Rice

After less than an hour of feasting these scrumptious food, everybody was smiling and happy. Mother's Day dinner was another successful tummy bending event! Even my 23-month old nephew was happy as a little angel! I also forgot to mention that we had another order of California Maki for free since we spent a minimum purchase to get it. Talk about value for money. For me, Teriyaki Boy isn't really as expensive as other Jap restos out there, but hey, it's the closest thing that we can get to from home if we want to enjoy a Japanese casual dining experience.

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