The Buffalo Wing Chronicles Pt.2: Red Buffalo Wings & Pizza

Next up on Nines vs. Food's recommendations on where to find the ultimate Buffalo Wings would have to be from Red Buffalo Wings and Pizza at Greenhills Tower in Granada, Quezon City.

The BW joint is located in inside the not-so-new Greenhills Tower which is along the Gilmore food strip. It includes JT's Manukan, that alfresco Persian restaurant (that I haven't been to yet), a carrot cake and bibingka shop, and affordable Chinese restaurants that I might have to check out some other time. Red Buffalo, on the other hand, is very near Elorde Gym if my memory serves me right. However, the actual BW joint is not visible as soon as you see Greenhills Tower, mainly because bigger restaurants like McDonalds, Seattle's Best and Sumo Sam are obviously peeping itself across the street. You have to get inside and look for the one with the cool, almost grayish widely lit interiors, and their fiery red sign that really is eyecandy for one thing.

I have been to this place a number of times already, but there was this one moment wherein I was literally out of my mind to try out Sunrise Buckets and then right after, try Red Buffalo's wings. Then again, I didn't mind at all, because at that moment I was really craving for that taste that I find very addicting with buffalo wings, and Red Buffalo was the nearest from our house.

I may not consider Red Buffalo as the best for me, but damn, that they deserve a close enough score next to my number one choice. I can never really say that they were trying to mimic some other BW joint's flavor/s. I can say that I considered it as something they worked hard for and the owner must be a buffalo wing connoisseur himself. Another thing on why I prefer hanging out to Red Buffalo is that the place also serves pizza and pasta that is just l-o-v-e.

Original Buffalo Wings

For me, Red Buffalo's wings exemplifies a true taste of the original buffalo wings that is a bit tangy, spicy but not peppery. The wings are just coated enough on the last minute that you can still get that crispy but firm texture that is really delicious. Like most buffalo wings, I like them best with blue cheese dips which complement and mellows down the heat of their sauce. I never really tried the other flavors in this joint yet, although I have no plans so far because I just love their original hot version. Unlike Sunrise Buckets which has a whopping list of varieties to offer, Red Buffalo's wings are ordered based on the levels of spiciness that you prefer.

Spaghetti with Meatballs

And in case you wanna chow down some wings with beer, Red Buffalo has an available selection of crafted beers at very affordable prices compared to other restaurants.

One of the dishes I have also tried is their meatball tomato pasta that is so good it is almost similar to how I make it at home. And their homemade fries which is a hefty serving of large cut potato wedges that is very yummy yet filling on the stomach.

Red Buffalo would have to be the perfect hangout also, because you can eat some food, drink some beer and watch sports TV on their widescreen at the upper corner of the joint! They even have free WiFi for customers (but just make sure you don't lose your receipt because their access password is indicated there). To prove that the place really hits the spot, I remembered one time when me and my friend had to stay at Red Buffalo for a little longer because we were both hooked up with NBA All Star 2k11 which was on at that time. Another reason to come back! I hope they can play some replays from the last 2012 playoffs if I do.

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