The Buffalo Wing Chronicles Pt.1: Nines vs. Sunrise Buckets

This is the first of three parts which is dedicated wholeheartedly for one of my favorite foods ever: some hot Buffalo Wings please! 

Buffalo wings, which is basically just simple fried chicken wings embossed with a shot of special hot sauce and butter concoction has been committed to a long distance relationship with my tastebuds. Then again, there are specific joints that I truly desire and for which I can say that I have to go back more than once to enjoy yet again these oh so yummy chicken pieces. Although I admit, I already tried a lot of versions from various restaurants and chicken joints, that I may need to narrow it down to three good and worthy recommendations which starts from the least to most favorite BW in Manila. 

This post was also based with one encounter wherein we tried eating two of my top three choices in just one night. It was at that moment that I was feeling ala Adam Richman and took to myself my own buffalo wings challenge. Are you guys ready?

Third on my list is BW from Sunrise Buckets. Honestly I never really took notice of Sunrise Buckets as a place where I prefer to eat buffalo wings, even though it is situated at Madison Square which is just a few minutes away from our house. But looking at some other blogs online, I found out eventually that their first branch was really in Greenhills and they also have another branch at The Grove by Rockwell in Pasig City. 

The place was really nice because their place has a sand-surf-sun theme which you can also freely check out from other blogs instead. But what is so fascinating about Sunrise Buckets or SB, is that they have got probably the widest selection of buffalo wing flavors from what I know of. You can freely choose from the following: Smokin' BBQ, Honey Jalapeno, Sunrise Original, Jack Daniels, Honey Mustard, Garlic Parmesan, Real American Buffalo Hot and Ultimate Crazy Hot sauces! 

I was not yet in the mood to be experimental (though I have been eyeing on the Jack Daniels version) so I decided to choose the Real American Buffalo Hot BW, which is said to be just a hotter version of the Sunrise Original. We ordered one pound, which includes 8 to 10 pieces of buffalo goodness that is placed inside this bucket container right here.

Real American Buffalo Wings - P295.00 for 1 pound

Initially, me and my friend decided to eat at SB because we just wanted to try out if their buffalo wings is better than my next two recos. Rest assured we are right with our assumption. Sorry guys, but in terms of the buffalo wing taste that I have been craving for, Sunrise Buckets is just average for the following reasons. The texture of the wings seemed like they just finished a few minutes swimming in our chosen sauce, which resulted to a lack in its crispiness that I really liked. The sauce was okay though I'd prefer wings with a hotter, more vinegary taste which I can elaborate in my next post. I would have to recommend Sunrise Buckets to those who cannot withstand wings which are too hot. You can also drop by here should you want to try their other signature flavors or better yet try a few of their burgers or food offerings with rice as well. 

Feeling quite hot just yet? There's two more in store in this three-part buffalo wing chronicles!

If you want to know the latest promos and other food items from Sunrise Buckets, you may check out their official Philippines website here:

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