On Maginhawa Street and Comfort Food

There are moments when amidst all the stress and problems that we have to endure everyday, a lot of people (probably like me) turn our backs on nothing else but on food that we just..love... to eat. Somehow, we consider them to be fulfilling in the sense that we once we devour on a particular food we believe that somehow you become relaxed as soon as you it eat. For all things comfort food, here are the top two items on my list.

And what an irony that my two most favorite comfort foods are located in the heart of good ol' Maginhawa Street, the place where I can always outright feel the breeze of both comfort and excitement. This is because I'll never get tired of going and will never stop discovering the coolest and cozy food joints on this side of Quezon City. You'll never know that there are cool food places that you might discover in between the houses on this quiet street. 

I know for myself that the items on this quite long list of mine will fluctuate sooner or later, but I would love to bring these two into stardom first.

Jasmine Milk Tea (Php65)

First up, Jasmine Milk Tea. I have attempted many times of making this myself, but somehow I cannot imitate Etcetera's (Etc's) version. All I know is that they use skim milk to achieve a lighter taste compared to full cream milk. I never really prefer any add-ons whenever I buy milk tea because they make me fuller and I just want to devour on the drink in its purest flavor. Plus, the nicest invigorating jasmine scent that I get to smell everytime I take a sip on this drink reminds me that sometimes I need to take a break from all the stress. It might sound funny but for me this is like an instant aromatherapy treatment that is good for both my mind and most importantly, my tummy! :)

Etc. has a very good location that the place itself is beside food joints like Mexican Express and Kazam Kebab House. Talk about strategic location, because whenever people go there they usually buy food at either of the two latter establishments then buy their drinks at Etc. And like those people, I usually drink my milk tea with an order of shawarma in Kazam Kebab House.

Beef Shawarma (Php65)

Their shawarma is just as typical as any other shawarma, but I really like the flavor of the beef in this one. I also think that it's cool that they have these clean plastic covers where the shawarma fits perfectly. It just made my life easier in eating it since it avoids me from getting the sauce spilling through my fingers and down to the plate.

Maybe you might come down to this place and try these food items or maybe you might prefer to order something else. This is just my favorite combination that I would like to recommend. And indeed, maybe one time when you try to drop by this place you might coincidentally see me there as well. And if that happens, well then good for you! 

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