My Unli Pizza Disappointment

Today is May 1, and ever since last week me and a lot of my friends have been looking forward for the next unli tuesday pizza promo from Papa Johns in Tomas Morato, QC. We also talked about coming on the branch earlier just so we could grab a seat ahead of time. I was supposed to blog about my experience but as soon as we arrived, which was as early as 5:30 PM, we were but just in awe to see these views from afar:

Aww, and I thought I'm gonna dig in on a couple (meaning a LOT) of slices of pizza with Adam Richman as my peg. I am not that patient with lines, thank you very much. I'm starving for crying out load!

Anyway, I asked the woman guarding just as soon as you enter the pizza place as to how their system works: It's simply first come, first serve basis from 6 to 9pm. You're lucky if you are already there earlier and just trying to secure your seats until the unli pizza starts, but that would have been paying more than what you can just consume I guess (since you already paid for your earlier orders and pay again just to avail the unli pizza. Unless my stomach is ready, and it is not a holiday to expect many people to come to the stores, maybe I'd have to pass for now.

Now, where to eat instead...

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