Mr. Miyagi Smokeless Grill

At first, you might think that Mr. Miyagi is one of those places which is just like the other usual Japanese/Korean buffets in the metro. It is an almost newly opened buffet joint in the Timog area that you can check out aside from the customer congested Yakimix along Tomas Morato. If you are within the New Manila / Quezon Avenue perimeters, this could be the nearest joints rather than going to Libis and EDSA just to eat at SamboKojin, which is yes, another place with the same set-up.

This may just be another one of my posts that defines my blog Nines vs. Food. Then again, I think I would have to continue with the comparison, maybe because I want you guys to have an idea of how I feel and my experience with this place. So here it goes:

In all fairness, let me start with the employees. The staff and servers in this joint are pleasant but just average. Indeed, they really add as a plus factor in terms of working for food establishments. Apart from Mr. Miyagi's counterparts, the servers here can at times cook for you, which is a-okay.
Here are some pictures that I took before I finally started to get some food:

Tuna Sashimi, Salmon Maki and Kimchi

Located in this corner are the different sauces that you can mix and match. Across this island is a sushi bar that I wasn't able to get a shot of because I was busy asking for a fresh batch of tuna sushi. Mr. Miyagi was decent enough not to display too much raw fish on their plate maybe because they wanted to serve it freshly cut for their customers. I just hope it's not because they are "nagtitipid" with their inventory hahaha.

The cooked food selection was also good because the usual Chinese, Korean and Japanese viands that you get to eat are here. I forgot what I got from this area but I couldn't forget that I got a bit of yang chow fried rice in here and a few pieces of shrimp tempura. Everything was delicious, but when I tried the shrimp tempura, it was the only time I got disappointed because for me it was just a thin bodied shrimp that was covered in tempura batter and bread crumbs.

A variety of raw meats and seafood. Yum!

The raw food selection area for me, on the other hand, was good, but lacking presentation. There were your usual wrapped asparagus in meat, seafood, even hotdogs and squid balls.  Good thing about this selection though, was that I think they had other marinated meats which I wasn't able to see with Mr. Miyagi's bigger competitors.

Maybe if I ate here first and not in any other place, I would have favored for Mr. Miyagi instead. I can attest that because of what i got for dessert. Just like SamboKojin's ice cream, they are also serving Big Scoop!

Big Scoop Ice Cream, Leche Flan

Price List

Prices tend to be lower than Yakimix and SamboKojin on weekdays but with the same price on weekends. I really don't like to recommend anyone not to eat in this place. Feel free to try it out. Who knows? Maybe this would be your better choice instead.

On the whole, this is indeed another successful Nines vs. Food adventure.

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