How to get the most in buffets, SamboKojin style.

With all the online posts on either rants and raves about SamboKojin, I really don't need to get into all that, you can just read it from other blogs instead.

Anyway, if you read my previous post about the state of sadness that me and my friends felt after the Papa Johns cancelled unli pizza plan, we now opted for asian buffet, so we all agreed and head on to SamboKojin Edsa instead. I just took some pictures because the food display on this branch because for me it looks better than the one in Eastwood.

So here's the thing, instead of telling a typical review about SamboKojin, I'd rather give some pointers on how to tolerate buffets, specifically on this one. There are a lot of good tips for you to still feel that you got what you paid for without hurting yourself too much from putting a lot of food into your body. I'll just use Sambokojin as my choice of buffet and how I stayed strong even after almost two hours of eating their sumptuous, yummy, food!

Tip#1: Make sure that you still ate a few hours before going on a buffet. Just eat a little lesser than usual. You need to do this so that you can still feel the urge to eat more, without the uncomfortable feeling caused by acid taking over your body if you haven't eaten anything at all.

Tip#2: Go easy on the carbs. I, for example, try my best to stay away from rice. They simply make you fuller than the rest of the food items in a buffet. I craved for Kamameshi Rice, but I ordered it for sharing instead. It's also good that the tekka maki at Sambokojin has lesser rice and more fish, so I still got some and enjoyed eating that as well.

Tip#3: Get some soup! Yes, it will make you a bit fuller compared to rice items, but soup actually helps you digest food better. I just got some Miso soup and Sukiyaki was served for me upon request.

Tip#4: Choose only water. With a lot of flavors whirling around your tastebuds, water is the best thing to wash it all up and try something new. Plus, it's bottomless, sugarfree and just plain great.

Tip#5: Get a little bit of what you want. At buffets like SamboKojin, food refills are never a problem. But a lot of people usually put more on their plate thinking that others might just take everything with them. I always try my best to have one of all the items that I like, except for shrimp tempura and some beef yakiniku cuts. In all honesty, I think I got a few more pieces of tempura that I had a hard time finishing it.

There were two pieces left, but I literally had to rest for around 15 minutes before I finished this last piece. As I have said to my friend, ''have you ever felt like eating the last piece makes you think that it's still a lot and you can't finish it?''

Tip#6: CHILL. Relax. Enjoy the food. There is no time limit here. And take a rest. You can just continue the fight when you're ready again.

Tip#7: After giving everything in this food battle, it's my utmost recommendation to NEVER forget dessert, no matter how (or maybe except if you don't prefer to hehe). Remember my first post about reminiscing Big Scoop as one of the best yet affordable ice creams I've had so far? Well, here's my strawberry ice cream. 

Three scoops of this rosy pink, not-too-sweet, oh-so-creamy treat really made my Sambokojin dinner quite epic compared to my previous visits. And I didn't even throw up or headed to the bathroom just yet. Eitherway, food still won. I was so, freakishly full.

On the whole, Nines got lost, yes, but at least she's still standing.

See you again Sambokojin!

Check out their pages for reservation details and upcoming promos:
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