Emerald Garden Restaurant

It never fails to always have celebrations every time after an event comes to a close, most especially when that event becomes successful.

Last March, a few days after watching my Tita Cecile along with two other powerful women in the field of music and ballet, Lea Salonga and Lisa Macuja in their The Legends and the Classics concert at CCP, it was always anticipated for me to attend a few celebration dinners to be hosted by different people which are either close to our family, or just gracious fans that I would have a hard time naming one by one.

I was brought up talking about food with my family members, what to eat, how to eat it right, and where to eat at very affordable prices. I do believe that upbringing is a big factor on why I have become such a foodie. From my grandparents' roots to my parents to me, we never stopped searching for the best restaurants and talking about the food that we love to eat. Little did I know that what we have just discovered has been here for a long time already. Good thing my father  had been checking out blogs about best chinese food in town and here is where we headed for: Emerald Green Restaurant.

My father had been raving about this for a number of days before we got to the place. He would always say that this is where P-Noy and Mayor Lim where "stationed" during the controversial hostage of some police personnel on Chinese tourists in Manila a few years ago. But enough about the issues. We got down to business, it's eating time!

So here is a list of what we ordered:

* Hot and Sour Soup - my cousin Otavio's favorite soup. I remember our childhood days when he went here on a vacation and my lola always make this for him. Emerald's version is so yummy we forgot to take a picture of it.

*Shrimps - i believe this is cooked in a firing hot wok for a few minutes. It has no other seasoning except for its sea salty flavor. I really liked their shrimps not only because you can really see them displayed at the restaurant's entrance, but also because they are deliciously and surprisingly sweet, which determines its freshness. The people working at Emerald always say that these babies are always sold out by the end of the day.

* Yang Chow Fried Rice - always a delight compared to plain rice. It doesn't have too many artificial colors that might make it look appealing, but eating this by itself can make up for one happy tummy.

*Fried Crab - Again, if seafood products are fresh, you don't need to do a lot of complicated things with it. This is quickly deep fried to perfection. So much YUM!

*Steamed Fish - It was cooked in soy sauce and green onions, and topped with a generous helping of fried garlic. It's sauce is pungent and salty combined with the silkiness of the fish. No wonder this is the food item that we first finished eating!

*Patatim - one of our staple viands whenever we eat in Chinese Restaurants. Sweet, star anise flavor in between chunks of pork skin and meat, with the balance of bittersweet bokchoy. I'm literally craving for this as I write this post.

*Sweet and Sour Pork - this came in after I'm almost half full that I wasn't able to eat as much already. It's also one of our favorites and I have to say, Emerald would top my list with their version of the said dish, next to Peace and Maxim's.

It wasn't too long that I got so full and decided to rest while waiting for others to finish. We then ordered SMB Pale Pilsen (not a fan of it but my cousin prefers it than the San Mig Light) as we talked and reminisced about our childhood days. I began to realize, I guess we were unfortunate to not have eaten here before, knowing that almost all of the Filipino-Chinese community knows this place.

Bong, Lola, Tita Cecile, Tito Albert, Franco, Otavio, Me and Ate Nadja 

Yet, I would have to say that of all the Chinese restos out I've been all my life, this would have to be the best. They offer more but wit less the price which is great. The entire establishment though hasn't been that maintained and its interiors were simple, but the food is worth it. And because we learned that they offer the best siopao in town too, our gracious hosts even ordered some to take home.

To know about their operating hours, you may check out Emerald Garden Restaurant's Facebook Like Page.

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  1. Emerald Garden, just a short distance from the US embassy, stands out among the plethora of restaurants nearby, and is a highly recommended place for those who crave for sumptuous food as perfectly described by Nines. :)