Icebergs Oreo Brownies Split

Last night, after dropping my jaws in awe while watching The Avengers and eating at Bacolod Chicken Inasal at SM The Block (it never crossed my mind to take a picture of the dish that I ate here, as I was late for dinner because of traffic so I had to finish my meal faster than usual), me and my friend were having a roadtrip along Timog on a lookout for a decent, not-so-crowded coffee place. Unfortunately, it was a wrong move for both of us, because it's a Saturday night and most people are out. Moving forward, we decided to hit the parking space on the corner of Timog and Mother Ignacia St. and opted to go to Icebergs instead.

Icebergs, from what I remember, was initially an ice cream parlor that has been operating for years until it evolved into a restaurant/cafe wherein they offer not just desserts but also a number of savory dishes. For all I know, I think there was a branch of Icebergs in Greenhills where I use to go with my family when I was, uhm, younger. Eitherway, I never really recall such memorable moments, so I might as well rekindle the fire with the said place by writing this post.

As far as I know, I was never really a fan of ice cream. Not that I never ate it, but even my close friends know that I never even finish a small cup of it, unless it's made into a shake form that I can just sip away. Or unless it's made with strawberries, avocado or green tea. Aww! Big Scoop days. I have to get back there and blog about it soon.

So there I was, thinking about what to order. Halo-halo? Good. Affordable.
Strawberry Shake? Maybe next time.

Soon enough, I just let my friend do the ordering for us. Oreo Brownies Split. This might be good. It says "An Icebergs Original" beside its name.

So we got that one and before it came, I already told my friend that I'd be eating only a few spoons and he can just eat the rest of the dessert. I thought for a second that he had a great advantage of sharing it with me though.

Oreo Brownies Split, as it says on the menu, has two scoops of cookies n' cream with one scoop of chocolate ice cream drenched with chocolate fudge, oreo cookies, brownies, bananas, chocolate chips, sprinkles, and a cherry. Having said that, this is how it's supposed to look like:

After a few minutes of chatting, which was about 5 to 7 minutes, here is what we got:

Looking at it, it was drenched in whipped cream, had a tad bit of chocolate sprinkles, and I can't find enough chocolate chips and fudge. Where are they? Fudge!

Little did I know that I was being a bit judgemental. The chocolate chips where beneath all the whipped cream (but still they where quite bigger than the ice cream, don't you think?) and hey, all the ingredients are good and sweet and happy. Might as well enjoy it. Before digging in, I thought I can still get that cherry on top but my friend didn't even ask and just put it into his mouth. Okay, hahaha, let's eat!

After a few minutes, it's a clean sweep, along with my 100 pesos, since I shared the bill with my friend.

All in all, I still recommend everyone trying this. I think you can just ask the waiters if you wanted it to look a lot like the one on the menu though. But yeah, it's still all good in Icebergs.

You can check out the latest promos and other new food items on Iceberg's Facebook Page.

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